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2100 Explorer Drill

The 2100 Explorer drill while still designed as a light weight machine, it is stronger and much more powerful than the Scout drill. Built for those locations where a compact machine is required but more power is needed for deeper drilling. Originally manufactured as a trailer mounted machine the 2100 Explorer can be fitted to a range of carriers including truck, 4×4 agricultural tractor, 4×4 utility, tracks or modular skid mounted for helicopter work.

Like the Scout drill this drill, depending on the options fitted, can be used with a range of down the hole (DTH) drilling systems including:
Solid and hollow augers
Diamond drilling
Rotary air blast (RAB)
Mud circulation
Small diameter reverse circulation (RC)
Vacuum drilling

Changing between the different types of drilling procedures is a simple and quick operation

The Multi Purpose 2100 Explorer can be used for:

1. Geotechnical sampling: using augers, conventional coring (NMLC) wireline coring or wash boring to obtain the samples. While still compact in design extra power gives the drill the ability to do the deeper holes. The stronger tower and winch extension make it a perfect machine for SPT testing.

2. Environmental Sampling: an ideal machine for taking the deeper or larger diameter samples. The small size coupled with the power available, allow a large range of sampling to be done with one machine, while keeping the disturbance to the area surrounding the hole to a minimum. This drill is a practical machine for setting the wide range of down the hole testing equipment.

3. Mineral exploration: the versatile nature of the 2100 makes the drill an economical multi purpose machine for mineral sampling. With simple changes to the configuration, the machine can quickly be set up for diamond drilling, RAB or RC. Using the 3 meter stroke option, many of our clients have found this machine to be perfect for NQ “air core” type drilling for mineral sands. The standard 60 mm or the optional 100 mm hollow spindle allows a wide range of drilling tools to be fitted to the drill head. One model configuration of the drill has been designed to be run from the PTO of a Toyota Landcruiser, giving the drill compact mobility. Because of the harsh nature of the terrain encountered in Mineral Exploration, the 2100 explorer has been mounted on a diverse range of carriers including the Toyota Landcruiser, trucks, tractors, tracks trailer and helicopter modules.
This is the most popular of our machine to be configured for vacumum drilling. Where moisture content in the sample is less than 15% this is one of the most accurate and economical methods of collecting samples.

4. Water wells: by fitting the EVH side entry fluid swivel under the head or a large diameter fluid swivel on to the head wash pipe, larger fluid volumes are able to be pumped down the hole without significant pressure drop. The increased power and only slightly larger foot print than the 1750 make the 2100 Explorer drill well suited for applications where there are still access problems and the least possible disturbance to the drill site is required, but deeper holes or larger diameter are necessary.

5. Earthing holes: like the 1750, the low height and compact nature make this machine perfect for shallow earthing holes next to new or existing power poles or transmitter towers. The additional power means deeper or larger holes can be drilled.

With the standard options available, the 2100 Explorer drill can be customised to suit your particular application and carrier requirements.


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