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1750 Scout Drill

The 1750 Scout drill is a light weight, economical machine, designed for holes that are in difficult locations or where the shallow depth of the hole or the programme size does not warrant the expense of a larger machine. Although originally designed to be quickly broken into smaller modules, allowing the machine to be man portable, the drill can be easily adapted to a variety of carriers to suit your specific drilling application.

Depending on the options fitted, this versatile drill can be used with a number of down the hole (DTH) drilling systems including:
Solid and hollow augers
Diamond drilling
Rotary air blast (RAB)
Small diameter reverse circulation (RC).

The Multi Purpose 1750 Scout can be used for:

1. Geotechnical sampling: using augers, conventional coring (NMLC) or wash boring to obtain the samples. Compact design gives the drill easy site access on the most difficult locations (although the drill has the option for a wireline winch it is not recommended the 140 lb SPT hammer be used with this machine).

2. Environmental Sampling: the light weight nature and small foot print of the 1750 Scout makes it an ideal machine for taking those deeper samples where access makes getting a larger rig on site impractical. The drill can also be used for setting pizometers and other monitoring systems.

3. Mineral exploration: because it is easily transported in modules, the Scout is an ideal drill to be used for green-fields exploration, where initial site access is such that the machine must be walked in or transported by helicopter. When there is more easy hole access, the drill modules can be simply and quickly fitted to a light 4 x 4 utility, a single axle trailer or a 4 x 4 agricultural tractor.
Depending on the options fitted, the drill can be used for solid auger geochemical sampling, RAB geochem. sampling using blade bits, rock rollers and hammer, high speed low torque diamond drilling core sampling or small diameter RC (limited by the 38 mm through the hollow spindle)

4. Shallow water wells: by fitting the EVH side entry fluid swivel under the head, larger fluid volumes are able to be pumped down the hole without significant pressure drop. This makes the Scout ideal for those difficult domestic drill sites where it is impractical to get a larger machine into the location because height restrictions and general access may cause difficulties. Since the drill has such a small foot print, disturbance to the garden area around the bore hole is kept to a minimum.

5. Earthing holes: the low height and compact nature make this machine perfect for shallow earthing holes next to new or existing power poles or transmitter towers. The low initial investment also allows the drill to be parked when not required. This feature allows the holes to be drilled when required rather than at the whim of third party drilling schedules.

With the standard options available the Scout can be customised to suit your particular application.


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