EVH Drill Engineering Pty Ltd was founded in 1999 to build small drills for hard logistical places or where the expense of a larger machine is not warranted.

These multi purpose drill rigs are for environmental, geotechnical, early mineral exploration and shallow water wells.

The company has 3 main multi purpose machines: the 1750 Scout, the 2100 Explorer and the 3300 drill. All 3 machines have a range of options enabling the end user to have a drill purpose built from standard components. This enables the operator to start with the base model in the range, adding the options as necessary when the work requirements change, keeping the initial investment to a minimum.

To add to their product range the company purchased the intellectual property of GEMCO DRILLS. This complimented the EVH machines adding to their product scope of drills, particularly the single pass blast hole rigs.

For Geo-technical and environmental work, EVH manufacture a range of push tube and small hand held soil sampling machines and a range of solid and hollow augers.
Kevin Ewing 
General Manager/Director

Kevin has had more than 40 years experience in the industry, with both hands on drilling skills and management of drilling and drill manufacturing companies. With the practical field knowledge gained from drilling throughout Australia and overseas, first hand management experience and formal management training, his main role is guiding the group’s strategic direction to make the company’s products relevant to the requirements of the operator in the field. 


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