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The 3300 and 3350 machines are the largest multipurpose drill EVH manufacture. These machines are still light weight and designed for difficult access locations. The simplicity of design enables this drill to be fitted to a range of carriers including a modular configuration for Helicopter transport.

Depending on the options fitted, this drill is similar to the Explorer and Scout and can be used with a range of DTH drilling systems including:

    Solid and hollow augers
    Diamond Drilling 
    Rotary air blast
    Mud circulation 
    Reverse circulation 

As with all the EVH Muti-purpose drill changing between drilling methods is a simple and quick operation.

The 3300 series can be used for:

1. Geotechnical sampling: using augers, coring (NMLC or wireline) or wash boring to obtain samples.
2. Environmental Sampling: the additional power but yet compact nature of this drill makes deeper or larger diameter sampling possible while site disturbance is kept to a minimum.
3. Mineral Exploration: The 3350 was specifically designed as a 500 m plus NQ diamond drilling machine. With simple changes to the head configurations the drill can be quickly changed form diamond to RC or RAB. Because it is still light weight for the power it delivers this drill can be mounted to a range of carriers to suit the drilling requirements.
4. Water Wells: by fitting either an underslung swivel or a large diameter swivel above the head in a wash pipe, larger fluid volumes are able to be pumped down the hole without significant pressure drop. This compact machine is an ideal medium depth water well drill where access can be a problem.
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